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Famous 2.0.
Famous 2.0.
Famous 2.0.

Famous 2.0

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The Habibe Famous is the example of what luxury sunglasses should be. Handmade with a premium oversized polarized shield lens and hand crafted spring loaded ebony and white zebra wood arms. These sunglasses are sure to keep you in style.

Frame: Premium handcrafted prescription ready stainless steel providing superior durability. Stainless steel is the highest quality metal used in the eyewear industry.

Arms: Spring loaded extra comfortable ebony and white zebra wood arms. On top of the extra comfort spring loaded arms do not push on the head like regular barrel hinges and do not cause irritation when wearing for long periods of time.

Lenses: Shield, gadient, polarized, uv protection scratch resistant Habibe tint lenses. Polarization is a coating on the lenses which reduces glare. Polarized lenses are ideal for those who not only want to block out the uv rays but also want to reduce glare whether on the beach, snow, or water. Polarized lenses are also great for driving in very bright environments. 

Warranty: 1 year warranty.

Shipping: Free US shipping.