About Us

   Habibe (Ha-Bee-Bee) "My Love" is a premium brand dedicated to stylish, trend setting, and creative people. Our company was founded in 2012 in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area when the owner Muhammed Abdullah began with 1 pair of sunglasses made with wood arms. Always being know for his sense of style in sunglasses Muhammed was keen in only branding sunglasses with durable raw materials yet still comfortable and stylish. This is the reason for using traditional materials in our frames and adding wood to the arms. It makes for a more durable pair of sunglasses without overdoing the wood look.

   As soon as people saw Muhammed wearing this prototype they began asking, "how can I get a pair?" Muhammed, who had already sold t-shirts with various artworks of the word Habibe, carried his brand name over to these wood sunglasses, began selling them, and thank God Habibe Sunglasses was born. Since that time on Habibe sunglasses have found their home in retail locations around the US. In 2016 Habibe Sunglasses opened their first full time retail location in the well known Beachwood Place Mall in Beachwood, Ohio showcasing their entire line as well as filling prescriptions. 

   Habibe is a company born from 1 pair of sunglasses supported by people who like quality, stylish, and durable sunglasses. We also strive to keep your eyes healthy. All of our lenses offer full UV protection, polarization, and are scratch resistant. The word habibe holds the highest level of endearment in the Arabic and Hebrew languages which translates to us working hard to bring you sunglasses and customer service that you will love. Thank you for reading and we hope to earn your business!

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